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About the idea

"Female sexual pleasure deserves far more attention than it currently does - not only by men, but also by women themselves."

It started with a really simple idea: as a woman, you might not know how mind-blowing sex could be - you have had great sex, no doubt about that, but you might not know there is "better" above great.

That is a huge waste and I'm hoping to change it with Inanna. By inviting all women to share their best of the best sex experiences. So we can inspire each other: "better" does exist and this is how the others achieved it.

During a sabbatical when talking to a few female friends, it suddenly occurred to me: quite often women do not get joy from sex. Actually, some women never enjoyed it. Because they have never experienced mind-blowing sex, but only the monotonous piston movement and the dryness associated, some women claim they "do not like sex".


Food and sex are basic human desires, as Confucius said. Everybody likes sex, both men and women.

It is less about whether you like sex or not, but rather about whether you know how great sex could be - if you have never tasted German cheese cake, how could you claim you do not like it? Sometimes a less skillful but hyper-confident partner, or a selfish partner who wears the grooved condom inside-out, also plays a role.

In contrast to the low awareness/skill level of many women and men, is the lack of "learning materials". The orgasms and moaning of porn actresses are faked - from the perspective of female pleasure, porn is quite misleading. There are tons of "10 tips to please your woman" type of articles in magazines. The problem with such articles is: not actionable. "Spend more time on foreplay" - great, thanks, but what to do exactly?

There are also websites dedicated to promoting female pleasure, but it is always a small group of experts write and talk, while other people read and listen. However, I believe sex is no rocket science (for which I have a PhD degree, so I know what I'm talking about) - everyone has something to say, everyone is potentially a guru.

Sometimes I wonder: we have 10+ different apps for pet astrology, how come there is so little going on about female pleasure, such an important and blank topic?

Finally, I came to an explanation: most entrepreneurs are men and all men believe they are amazing in bed - bad sex is only urban legends, or only happens to someone else's girlfriend or wife. Female pleasure is their blind spot.

Then, let women do it.

So I had the idea of building a forum, where every woman is both a teacher and a student: share your experiences, discuss your opinions, and learn from others.

Men are also welcomed: watch, learn, even join the discussion. It will likely be eye-opening and educational.

I also hope the discussion of female pleasure could help women elevate confidence level - I have a hypothesis: if in the bedroom you would actively try to obtain what you want, instead of passively waiting and wishing, you would tend to do the same elsewhere.

Inanna was created. Just so. Inanna is a result of the time we live in: more civilized, open, and tolerant.


"女性性愉悦这一命题,目前远远未受到应得的重视 — 不仅男性,女性亦重视不足。"



饮食男女,人之大欲 —— 人类都喜欢性,不论男女。

所谓不喜欢,有时是因为女性自身的潜力尚未解锁、想象力尚未开发 —— 都没吃过小龙虾,当然不知道小龙虾好吃;有时是因为伴侣不给力 —— 具体分为眼高手低型、经验不足型、螺纹套翻过来用的自私自利型等等。

一方面是潜力待开发、水平待提高的男男女女,另一方面是“教材”的缺失。AV女优们的呻吟是演的,高潮是装的 —— 从女性愉悦的角度看,A片充满常识性错误。杂志上“让她欲罢不能的10个技巧” 这类文章倒是不少,但是往往不够具体:“前戏要用心,时间要长” —— 道理都懂,可是到底该怎么操作?

专门讲解女性愉悦、宣传性观念进步的网站也有一些,但总是一小群专家在讲,其他人在听。但是我觉得,男欢女爱之事和造火箭飞机不同(我的博士论文就是关于飞机发动机制造,算有点发言权)—— 前者是个大众参与的话题,而且高手恐怕在民间。


后来我找到了个解释:创业者以男性居多,而男性通常都认为自己床上功夫世界一流,欲求不满的都是别人家媳妇 —— 女性愉悦是他们的盲点。



男性也可以潜水围观,加入讨论,乃至发起话题 —— 包你大开眼界,十天封神。

我还希望,关于愉悦的讨论能帮助女性提升自信 —— 去想办法获得自己想要的,而不是消极等待、被动接受,不论在卧室还是办公室,道理相通。

Inanna 伊南娜就这么诞生了。伊南娜是这个时代更加文明、开放、宽容的结果。

Why EN-CN bi-lingual

For world peace.

As a Chinese living in Germany for ten years, I deeply feel that the world does not know - sometimes misunderstands - Chinese and China, a lot. I want to do something to improve the mutual understanding between China and the world.

So where to start? Maybe I could start from uncovering things people have in common. Since I am building Inanna anyway, why not start from female pleasure: we might have different political views, but we all know deep down in our hearts "size doesn't matter" is a well-intended lie; we all hope foreplay to be a bit more seductive - you do not have to make me come already, but at least make me wet.

If two races, two nations, could recognize each other as "normal, sane human beings, just like me", they would tend to be less hateful towards each other.

So I believe.

The most "favourited" posts under each language will be regularly translated to the other language.

In this time of rising racism, hatred, and internet violence, let us literally:

Make love, no war.




从何处着手呢?从发掘我们作为人的共通之处开始吧。既然正好建了 Inanna,那就从女性愉悦开始吧:我们可以对政治有不同看法,但我们都心知肚明“大小没有关系”是个善意的谎言,我们都希望前戏不要草草了事 —— 就算不高潮,至少也要湿吧。



Inanna 上每个语种被星标最多的帖子,将被定期翻译成另一语言。


Make love, no war.