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Inanna 伊南娜

Inanna 伊南娜 Mastodon hosted on inanna.xyz

A frank community for female pleasure

hopefully educational as well

Welcome to Inanna!

Inanna wants to help women get better sexual experiences - orgasming each time is a high bar, but making it enjoyable each time is entirely possible.

If you are a woman: share your most mind-blowing experiences and be inspired by others.

If you are a man: be humble and open-minded, read and learn.

Female sexual pleasure deserves far more attention than it currently does - not only by men, but also by women themselves. More on our dreams.

Inanna is not for dating or hookups. However, you are encouraged to use Inanna to find out what your partner likes 🐘

We are fully aware of the sensitivity here, hence Inanna is built with open-source tools and is detached from other social media to ensure anonymity and no secret data abuse. So, feel safe to speak up.




我们想帮助女性获得更棒的性体验 — 并不是每次都必须达到高潮,而是每次都令人愉快,都令人激动。



女性性愉悦这一命题,目前远远未受到应得的重视 — 不仅男性,女性亦重视不足。这里有我们做这个社区的详细起因。

伊南娜并非约会或约炮网站。不过欢迎通过伊南娜发现你伴侣的性趣 🐘


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