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A frank community for female pleasure

Recreational and educational

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Inanna is dedicated to one purpose: help women get better sexual experiences (includes, but not limited to orgasm).

We believe: it is only worth doing, if it is enjoyable.

We hope: you could leverage the contents on Inanna to have more pleasure in bed (or elsewhere, of course).

How to use this site? If you are a woman:

  • toot your most enjoyable experiences and inspire others
  • be inspired by others' toots and discover new things to try
  • show him this site, or mark the toots you like via "Boost" and tell him your username (he should pick up the clue)

If you are a man:

  • read and learn (you are welcome)
  • join the discussion: ask a question, share your experiences
  • be humble, be open-minded

Inanna is not for dating or hookups. However, feel free to use Inanna to find out what your partner likes 🐘

We are fully aware of the sensitivity here, hence Inanna is built with open-source tools and is detached from other social media to ensure anonymity and no secret data abuse. So, feel safe to speak up.

Why create Inanna? Explained here.








  • 在这里写下你最享受的体验,给ta人以启发
  • 阅读别人的体验,发现可尝试的新技巧,新领域
  • 把这个站点推荐给他,或者用“转嘟”功能标记你最喜欢的帖子,然后把你的用户名告诉他(他应该明白的)


  • 阅读并学习(不用谢)
  • 参与讨论:比如提问,或分享你的体验
  • 保持谦虚,心态开放

伊南娜并非约会或约炮网站。不过欢迎通过伊南娜发现你伴侣的性趣 🐘