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After 38 years of marriage & with sex better than ever, here is what we have figured out. They key for us, is completely focusing pleasure on one person at a time. 1st she gives me a blow job (My Pleasure), 2nd intercourse with her on top (MP/HP), 3rd 1st dildo & vibrator to her orgasm (HP), 4th intercourse w/me on top (MP), 5th 2nd, larger dildo and vibrator to her 2nd orgasm (HP), 6th intercourse w/me on top to orgasm. When finished we both collapse!!

@PapaJohn Thanks for sharing.

Makes total sense. Very effective approach.It is an essential point that many couples probably haven't realized or done: you need to focus on her to make her come. It is not something that can be easily and casually achieved "along the way".

If I may add: to make her is not equal to making her orgasm. The former is broader, much broader. Seductive touch, soft kiss, desire in his eyes, all adds to, sometimes even replaces,

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